Connecting Cross Q system with Yamarin App

Yamarin App was designed to be your gateway on-the-go to your Cross Q. By connecting the app with your Cross Q you can view your past trips, share them and see your boat status on your phone. Yamarin App contains also handy guides for using and maintaining your boat. 

1. Open the Yamarin App and log in with your Yamarin ID

A. How to create Yamarin ID

Yamarin App for Cross Q

1.    Tap ”Log in” on the top right corner.
2.    Tap ”Register a new Yamarin ID”
3.    Fill all your information and tap ”NEXT”
4.    Enter the name and model of your boat, then tap ”DONE”
5.    It’s done! From here you can connect your Cross Q or do it later from boat settings

B. Open the QR code for connecting your Cross Q

Cross Q QR code

1.    Get on to your boat
2.    Open ”Menu” in your Cross Q
3.    Tap ”Settings”
4.    Tap ”Connectivity”
5.    Tap ”Link Mobile App”
6.    This will open a QR code on the screen. Read it with your Yamarin App. 

C. Start connecting Cross Q in your Yamarin App

Cross Q and Yamarin App

1.    Open the Yamarin App on your phone
2.    Tap ”Menu” and select ”Boat settings”
3.    Tap ”Link Yamarin Q”
4.    Give consent for data synchronization and press ”CONTINUE”
5.    Point the camera to the QR code on your Cross Q screen. It’s done!

Problem-solving – Yamarin Q

If you have problems with your Cross Q, please contact your nearest Cross dealer. Before contacting, pick up the serial numbers of your Cross Q, SIM card and boat. The information of the Q you find at Settings > System > System information. The serial number of the boat can be found at the stern of the boat.